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Marriage Proposal


Mother who I respect greatly, I love and hold dear, may God always bless our steps and incessant give pleasure to us. Amen
My mother is very respected .. as a servant of God, I have been given a variety of delicious. True Almighty God who has said: "We will show us the signs on the horizon, the horizon and within themselves, so they can know clearly that God is right and sees all things".

Favors the disposition of which is a biological necessity, need each other to the opposite sex .. namely: Married! Nature of the gift of God that has been inherent in human life, and if people violate the nature of God, just acquired .. Na'udzubillah destruction! And God has said: "Do not approach adultery, because adultery is worse dirty deeds" (Surat Al-Israa ': 32).

Beloved mother .. see the association of young adults is very worrying indeed, they seemed to unwittingly doing immoral deeds to God. It's as if their head that there are only the thoughts that lead to a false and momentary happiness. Not to mention if you asked them about getting married. "I was not thinking about marriage, busy work, and besides, I still collect old stuff," or the Work has not been established, not quite ready to settle down, so they said, but what the heck they are less. Hopefully I can survive and be patient so that no sinner. And Allaah knows best.

Dearest mother lasted only about interactions .. tell young people who tend to free in general, the ink is not enough for me torehkan. Every time I write the events of young people in Islamic magazines, at the same time there is also the new events that demand our attention .. Astaghfirullah .. Mother and father, among others .. here's the background I wanted to rush to get married.


From the Qur'an and Al Hadith:

"And nikahkanlah the people who alone among you, and those who deserve (married) of your right hands possess the male servants and slaves of the women's right hands possess. IF THEY POOR WITH THEIR GOD WILL MENGKAYAKAN gift. And Allah Area (gift ) and All-Knowing. " (Surah An Nur (24): 32).

"And we made everything in pairs, so that you remember the greatness of God." (Surah Adh Dzariyaat (51): 49).

"Blessed is He who created pairs of everything, both from what is grown by the earth and of themselves and of what they do not know" (Surat Ya Sin (36): 36).

For those of you that God created the couples (wives) of your own kind, then from your wives that He created for you children and grandchildren descent, and to you He has given the good fortune (Surat An Nahl (16) : 72).

And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives from jenismu own, so you tend to feel peaceful and him, and maketh wakens a sense of love and affection. Verily in this is truly there are signs for those who think. (Surat Ar. Rum (30): 21).

And those who believe that men and women, sebahagian they (are) to be protective (helper) for sebahagian others. They told (to do) that ma'ruf, preventing it from being evil, establishing prayers, practice regular charity, and they obey Allah and His Messenger. They will be given grace by God Allah is Mighty, Wise (Surat At-Tawbah (9): 71).

O people, bertaqwalah you all to the Lord who made you one myself, and he made thereof soul mate, then he kembangbiakkan become men and women are aplenty. (Surat An-Nisa (4): 1).

A good woman is to a good man. A good man is good for women as well (and vice versa). For them forgiveness and abundant Reski (ie Paradise) (Surat An Nuur (24): 26).

So women marry (other) that you enjoy two, three, or four. Then if you fear you will not be able to do justice, then (marry) only one .. (Surat An-Nisa '(4): 3).

And it is not fitting for a believing man nor for women who mukminah when Allah and His Messenger has determined a statute will be there for them other choices about their affairs. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Apostle, then surely he has committed a manifest error. (Surat Al Ahzaab (33): 36).

Suggestions for Married Prophet: The Prophet SAW said: "Marriage is sunnahku, anyone who does not like, not golonganku!" (Narrated by Ibn Majah, from A'ishah).

Four kinds of between-Sunnah Sunnah of the Prophet namely: Compassionate, wear fragrances, bersiwak and married (Narrated by Tirmidhi).

From Aisha, "Marry ye women, then surely they will bring in wealth (provision) for you (Narrated by al-Hakim and Abu Dawud).

If any man have not lived with her partner, means his life will be lame and do not walk according to the decree of Allah and those who are married means complete religion, the words of the Prophet Muhammad: "Whoever was given God a wife who sholihah, really has helped half of his religion. And let pious to God the other half. " (Narrated by Bayhaqi).

Of Amr Ibn As, the World is the jewelry and the best of her jewelry is women shalihat. (Narrated by Muslim, Ibn Majah and An-Nasa'i).

"Three groups are entitled to be helped by Allah (Narrated by Tirmidhi, Ibn Hibban and Justice): a. People who strive / fight in the way of Allah. B. Slaves who redeemed himself from his master. C. Youth / i are getting married because she wants to distance himself from the unlawful. "

"O young people! When wakens been able to get married let him get married, because the eye will be more awake, the pubic will be preserved." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn Mas'ud).

Kawinlah with a woman who loves you and is able to give birth. Surely I will boast of you as a people the most (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

You marry each other, each making keturunanlah you, and introduce (offspring). Indeed I am proud of the many in number in the middle of other people (Narrated by Abdurrazak and Bayhaqi).

Pray 2 rakats who practiced those who are married is better than 70 cycles are practiced by the youth (or virgin) (Narrated by Ibn al-Kamil Ady in the book of Abu Hurayrah).

Prophet Muhammad. He said: "That bad, bad you, is unmarried, and sehina corpse-vile you, is not married" (Narrated by Bukhari).

Among the worst of you is a celibate life, and death the least of you all is the death of people who choose celibacy (Narrated by Abu Ya "la and Thabrani).

From Anas, the Prophet Muhammad. to have said: Anyone who want to meet God in a state of pure clean again, then kawinkanlah with respectable women. (Narrated by Ibn Majah, da'eef).

Rasulullah SAW said: Kawinkanlah people who are still alone among you. Verily, Allah will edify, broaden sustenance, and add their nobleness (Al Hadith).

Destination Weddings

1. Carry out the orders of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger.
2. Continuing generation of Muslims as a carrier of the message of Islam.
3. Muslim families to realize the Muslim community.
4. Getting the love and affection.
5. Peace of Soul by maintaining self-respect (refrain from immoral deeds / other despicable behavior).
6. To be rich (wealth is the best of wives who shalihat).
7. Broadening the kinship (connect ties / reinforce family ties)

Personal Readiness
1. Qalb condition that has been steadily and increasingly confident after istikharah. Prophet Muhammad. He said: "Man Jadda Jadda Wa" (Who is definitely serious about it will make it past that hurdle).
2. Including compulsory marriage (difficult to shaum).
3. Including tathhir (purify themselves).
4. Materially speaking, God willing, ready. "Let the people who are able to give a living according to his ability" (Surat At-talaq (65): 7)

Due to delay or complicate Marriage
Moral damage and destruction caused by dating and free sex.
Delayed birth of the next generation treatise.
Spiritual and calm no sense, because the new God give peace and compassion for people who are married.
Bear the sins in the hereafter, for not doing the obligation to marry when the conditions set are met Allah and His Messenger.
Moreover, until contact with the opposite sex who is not mahram. Prophet Muhammad. said: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him bersunyi quiet alone with a woman who is not accompanied by mahram, because the third party is the devil." (Narrated by Ahmad) and "It's one of the chief among you pricked with a needle of iron better than to touch a woman who is not lawful for him" (Narrated by Tabaraani and Bayhaqi) .. Astaghfirullahaladzim .. Na'udzubillahi min forbid

However, generally occurring in communities around the wedding are as follows:
• Status noble is no longer a god-fearing, but that carried the title: Ir, DR, SE, SH, ST, etc.
• a nice wedding / bride price is high, because a pride, not in full ketawadhu'an held in accordance with the capabilities. (Marriage should based solely seeking pleasure of Allah and His Messenger. Not in interfering with the pleasure of human hope (flattery, not feeling they say). I'm absolutely sure .. if God pleased at what we do, then we will be safe in world and in the Hereafter.)
• Marriage is considered a barrier to please their parents.
• People think marriage will be making studies, but instead to marry more awake visions of things that are haram, and the spirit to finish college.

Fixing Intention:
Innamal a'malu binniyat ....... Intention is the resurrection of the soul and the trend in what appeared to him in the form of goals demanded that important to him, either immediate or deferred.
Intention When Choosing a Companion

Messenger of Allah said "Whoever is married (his daughter) because the glare of riches though bad men of religion and behavior, then it will never dibarakahi his marriage, Who married a woman because of his position, God will add to her humiliation, Who would marry her because of wealth, God will only give her poverty, Who married a woman because nasabnya good, God will add to her modesty, but who is getting married just because they want to maintain the views and desires, or because they want to cultivate compassion, God always gives blessings and kebarakahan add it to him. "( HR. Thabrani).

"Do not marry a woman for her beauty, beauty that might have made you contemptible. Do not you marry a woman as property / throne may be the property / throne made you exceed the limit. But marry a woman because of her religion. Therefore, a pious slave woman who, though poor face is more mainstream ". (Narrated by Ibn Majah).

The Prophet SAW. said: Do not you marry close relatives, because the (consequently) to give birth to weak (both common and physical) (Al Hadith).
From Jabir r.a., Verily the Prophet SAW. has said, "Surely she married someone because of his religion, position, wealth, and beauty; then choose a religion." (Narrated by Muslim and Tirmidhi). Intention of Marriage Process

Problems intention not stop until choosing a companion. Intention still accompany various matters relating to the marriage. From giving dowry, spread walimah invitations, organizing walimah. Walimah more than two days closer to the harm, including the third day was walimah riya '. "Give mahr (dowry) to the woman (who you are married) as a gift with great eagerness." (Surat An-Nisa (4): 4).

Rasulullah SAW said: "Women are the most glorious barakahnya, is the lightest dowry" (Narrated by Ahmad, al-Hakim, al-Bayhaqi with a saheeh sanad). From Aisha, that the Prophet SAW. has said, "Behold the great blessing of marriage is a simple shopping (dowry)" (Narrated by Ahmad). Prophet Muhammad had promised: "Do not mempermahal value of dowry. Surely if he was noble in the world and piety in Allah, the Prophet himself who will be guardian marriage." (Narrated by Ashhabus Sunan). From Anas, he said: "Abu Talha married with a dowry of Umm Sulaim Islam" (Ditakhrij of An Nasa'i) .. Subhanallah ..

Processes affecting marriage intentions. The process is simple and easy wedding inshallah be closer to the net intentions, can facilitate the process of clarifying the intention of marriage. While the marriage will complicate the process mengkotori intentions. "Hold your celebration even if only to slaughter a goat." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)
Marriage must meet the criteria Lillah, Billah, and ILALLAH. The meaning Lillah, it is the intention of marriage should be for God. Process and the way he should Billah, in accordance with the provisions of God .. It includes the selection of candidates, and the process toward the level of marriage (net of courtship / lust or not). ILALLAH Finally, the goal in order to reach keridhoan God.

So in the administration of marriage is not immoral in God; for example: the separation between male and female guests, no exaggeration, do not eat while standing up (usually in the community food adab-standing party that should be avoided, but it is not exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad is thus ), Bride is not juxtaposed, adab pray for the bride with a prayer: Barokallahu baroka laka wa 'alaykum wa jama'a baynakuma FII Khoir .. (May Allah bestow blessings membarakahi you and to you), do not shake hands with the opposite sex, is not overly ornate ("And do not bertabarruj (decorated) as the first tabarrujnya ignorance" - Qs. Al Ahzab (33),
Reaching Spiritual Marriage
If someone is already filled with love and longing for God, then he will try to find someone equal to him. Psychologically, a person will feel calm and peaceful, if side by side with the same person with him, both in feeling, outlook on life and so forth. Therefore, blessed are someone who can feel the love of God from his life partner, the person in whose hearts God is present in full. They love each other not on behalf of themselves, but in the name of God and for God.

How wonderful meeting of two beings who love and miss God. Their marriage is not merely a meeting of two beings of the opposite sex, but a meeting of two who are pursuing a spiritual journey towards God, lovers of their loved ones. That is what is meant by spiritual marriage.


"O believers! Do you forbid what was permitted by God to you and do not transgress limits, for Allah does not like to those who transgress." (Surat Al Maidaah (5): 87).
For verily after hardship comes ease. And indeed after hardship comes ease (Qur'an Nasyrah Nature (94): 5-6).
Mother who I respect greatly, my dear and my love for God .. demikanlah this proposal (in nature) I write. I really hope my mother understands. Top blessing and prayers of my mother say "Jazakumullah Khairan katsiira". "O Allah, make me blessing on what you specify, and make the blessing nothing that Thou hast destined, so it does not want me to rush anything that you delay and delay what you segerakan .. YES GOD GIVE reward MUSIBAHKU IN THIS TIME AND BETTER replace POP .. Amiin THEREOF "

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